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World Records

A World Record is the best and unique achievement that has not been done before and officially verified in a specific field such as Arts, Dance, Martial Arts, Sports, or other kind of activity. Champions Book of World Records publishes amazing and notable world records of many. Many best world record attempts of Individuals and institutions/organizations is listed in our book of world records.

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You can contact our team to get more information on the following topics:

1. How to make or break world record?

2. Application process for world record making

3. Invite an adjudicator

4. Record consultancy

5.  How long does it take for processing world record application?

6. A complete guide to your evidences

7. Guidelines to make or break world record

8. Why Champions Book of World Records?

9. What makes a Champions Book of World Record Title?


We're always looking for new and exciting world record titles. Let's connect.

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