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Updated: May 2, 2022

“Always aim for ACHIEVEMENT and forget about SUCCESS”

Dr.Darla Nageswara Rao is the only Replica Artist with difference. He is an artist with amazing Talent. His uniqueness and innovation in the presentation is outstanding. He is the only one in the world to create number of master pieces in Replica Art.

He achieved number of World Record titles from different organizations. His themes are varied. His expertise lies in the selection of themes that are most difficult to replicate. That perhaps makes him to stand from the crowd.

World Record Titles:

Most Number of World Records achieved in the world : 567

Titles of different Concepts:

1. My country, my flag

2. Making an art work “Unity of Nation” with 6,00,600 ball pins using on the thermo cole board.

3. Expressing patriotic fervor through innovative map

4. Replica Art of most Number of News Papers (45) only Front


5. Replica Art of 1/4th size reduction from original size of “The

Hindu News Paper”.

6. Replica Art of 14 pages of Eenadu Telugu News Paper on a

single roll paper.

7. Replica Art of myself Surname “DARA NEWS PAPER”

8. Replica Art of “The Holy Bible”.

9. Portrait with stickers of 44th USA President “Barack Obama”.

10. “Big size Visiting Card” with stickers work

11. Three Poses “Charlie Chaplain” with stickers work

12. 1,234 Replica Posters of “ OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI”

by hand written

13. Making of “NAYA CALENDAR” of 120 years as Replica Art.

14. “25 Programs” on the successful completion of marriage life.

15. Mood Indigo’s Symbol , logo & letterhead with stickers work

16. Replica Art of “Basic Letters of Telugu Language”

17. Swayam Sandarshanam

Congrats Dr.Darla Nageswara Rao on this wonderful achievement.

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