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The term miniature conjures images of everyday items made on a very small scale. It is one of the most difficult art forms. Sculpting and carving is a talent that only some people have and many try to do. Meet Sakshina Sujith from Kerala, India.

She learnt the nitty-gritty of the miniature art forms at a very tender age. Carving Miniature Sculptures has been her passion for many years. She carves personalized sculptures based on photographs. She joins Champions Book of World Records with her title “LARGEST COLLECTION OF BOTTLE ART”. She drew the Faces of Indian Prime Ministers on a Glass Bottle using Stencil art . She drew the Prime Ministers of India along with their names and ruling period as well.

Congrats Sakshina Sujith on your wonderful achievement. # Sakshina Sujith # Kerala, India # LARGEST COLLECTION OF BOTTLE ART OUR MAIL I.D: To apply for a Record, send us your details : # #

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