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The Team at Champions Book of World Records , always ready to explain you the process of submitting the record title online.

Welcome to my Blog. If you would like to register for a world record tile, you can always do it online.

Do with Ease

“Do you want apply for a World Record title? ”

You can send your brief details to the team explaining your RECORD TITLE.

Set a Record

The page SET A RECORD on Champions Book of World Records Home page takes you to the internal page where you find a Form . You need to fill in the form and click on the submit button.

Select your Category...

Your area of expertise is your category for a world record title.

You will find the categories on our website page. Choose the right category that suits your skill .

Take the help of CBR TEAM , if you are unable to pick a category of your choice.

To assist you in the process of selection, there is a separate team who are professionals in various fields . They help you in picking up the right title.

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