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Dr.D.R.Upadhyay, Kathmandu, Nepal , the Highest number of World Record Holder

Dr.Dharam Raj Upadhyay's Lyrical magic is forever. For this Lyrical inspiration of Nepal, success is not the key to happiness but happiness is the key to success.

World’s most popular and fascinating Lyricist from Nepal Dr.D.R.Upadhyay set Champions Book of World Records in 22 themes of Literature and Music. The Legendary Lyricist achieved 132 world records, thus became highest number of world record holder from Nepal as confirmed on 23rd November, 2022.

Dr.D.R.Upadhyay is an incredible Lyricist.

He has his own mindset, colour and thought process. He is a creative genius with astounding command on lyrical dexterity.

The fascinating fact is he is open to new friends and new ideas. Songs just seem to pour out of him when he feels a particular emotion or going through a certain experience.

Dr.Upadhyay has made a distinctive mark in the field of literature , composing and music. He is a much acclaimed lyricist from Nepal. He has been deeply immersed in the adoration of art and literature. He created an aura that goes a long way.

The Jury from Champions Book of World Records congratulates this Legendary Lyricist on this wonderful achievement.

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