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Champions Book of World Records is the Official Registrar of the World Records that catalogs and verifies extraordinary records across the world with authentic certification. It is an International World Records and Branding organization.

  • Champions Book of World Records was launched to support, encourage and promote the World Record making or setting efforts of Individuals and institutions.

  • The CBR team is run and managed by professionals from the field of education, teaching, Media and world record holders.

  • The parent organization of CBR has 20 years of experience in the field of teaching, publication and media. They have been running News magazines, Journals etc.

  • The Founder , Chief Editor and Associate Editor has been the on Editorial for many international magazines.

  • The publication wing of CBR -Score More Education and Publications published more than 1500 titles so far.

  • CBR is backed by SCORE MORE MONTHLY news magazine registered with Registrar of News Papers for India, popularly news as RNI.

  • CRB is being promoted by top organizations across the globe.

  • CBR is part of reputed SMF group.

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